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Über mich: 3 Choices of Clothes for the Wedding
1. Kebaya is a clothing that is relied on by women, especially those of Javanese ethnicity, to be used at invitations. Floral patterned kebaya and contrasting colored obi like Adjie Notonegoro's look are also widely applied. To be different, add a matching colored scarf to make it more elegant.
2. Batik Dress
In addition to being subordinates, batik is also often applied as a dress at weddings. You can choose patterned fabrics with a combination of dark and light colors like this one by Irwan Tirta Private Collection. Give a cut out accent on the chest to make it look more attractive.
3. Hijabi Glamor
Wearing a veil doesn't mean you can't be stylish when you're invited. Hijabers can also look glamorous wearing tops with drapery accents. If you want to stay dynamic, pair it with shiny color pants like this Norma Hauri look. Don't forget to apply a simple hijab style so it doesn't look too much.

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Clothing with floral patterns is also appropriate to use to commemorate the happy day of a friend or relative. Simple design with transparent accents on the shoulders but still looks polite in a party dress